Tuscany- why all the hype?

There is a good reason why there is so much hype around Tuscany. Because it has it all. Tuscany can never be done to death. There is so much to see in Tuscany. No matter how many trips to Tuscany I take, I’ll find new and beautiful places over and over again. Tuscany has the food, the history, the landscapes, the language, the art and the architecture. Whatever you might have imagined Italy is about, I am sure you will find it somewhere in Tuscany. 
Italian Delights Tours is approaching its 10th birthday next year, and we feel confident that we know what travellers are looking for in small group tours. We specialise in back roads touring, which is the perfect way to see Tuscany. 
The best Tuscany tours leave you saying that Tuscany was everything you could have dreamed of and more - with pretty villages and medieval towns, stunning scenery and amazing food. Variety and insider knowledge about the local history and customs is what makes a tour of Italy special. You want a host with passion that will take you to sensational places that the average traveller would not know existed. All without too much time spent in a vehicle, and with enough well planned free time.
Although Tuscany is well loved by many fellow travellers, you can still get a sense of the ‘real Italy’ on a Tuscany tour. By travelling on country roads, enjoying the scenic countryside and visiting small (and some not so small) unspoilt towns and villages gives you a sense of the ‘real’ Italy. Enjoying long, slow regional meals and local wines over lunch amongst the locals is also an important way to experience the real Italy. Restaurants on our tours are handpicked and not likely to be found by an independent traveller.  
We run two tours that take you through Tuscany. Our 12 Day Treasures of Tuscany, Umbria and Lombardy Tour https://www.italiandelights.com.au/12-day-treasures-of-tuscany allows you to stay in Tuscany for 6 days, seeing places such as Lucca, Siena, Montalcino, Cortona, Anghiari and Monteriggioni. One of the most rewarding compliments we’ve received came from a guest on one of our recent Tuscany tours: “This has been the best 12 days of my life!”
Our 10 day Seaside to Hilltops Cinque Terre and Tuscany tour https://www.italiandelights.com.au/10-day-seaside-to-hilltops-cinque-ter allows you to stay in Tuscany for three days. On this tour we take you to beautiful places such as Pienza and the Val D’Orcia, San Gimignano, Montepulciano and Montichiello.

If you have any questions about our tours or would like to join us for an adventure through Tuscany, please don't hesitate to contact us. (https://www.italiandelights.com.au/contact-us)

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